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IRL Collaboration with MMOS and CCP Games

Great news!

Recently the Internet Response League (IRL) has had the pleasure to begin collaborating with Massive Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS) and CCP games, the maker of Eve Online!

MMOS is an awesome group that aims to allow players to contribute to scientific research while playing video games. Our colleagues at MMOS reached out to us earlier this year because they’re very interested in supporting humanitarian efforts as well. They are kindly bringing IRL on board to help them explore the use of online games for humanitarian projects.

CCP Games has already been mentioned on this blog here. They managed to raise an impressive $190,890 for the Icelandic Red Cross in response to Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda with their PLEX for Good initiative. This is on top of the $100,000 that the company has raised with the program for various disasters in Japan, Haiti, Pakistan, and the United States.

CCP Game’s flagship title Eve Online passed 500,000 subscribers in 2013. The game is extremely unique when it comes to MMORPGs. Rather than having a player base spanning across many different servers, Eve Online keeps keeps all players on one large server. Entitled “Tranquility”, this one server currently averages 25,000 players at any given time, with peaks of over 38,000. [1] This equates to an average of 600,000 hours of human time spent playing Eve Online every day. The potential good to come out of a partnership would be immensely valuable to the world!

We’re currently exploring possible ways to incorporate humanitarian work into Eve Online’s video game environment. In the near future we will write another post detailing the unique challenges we’re facing while attempting to seamlessly integrate digital humanitarian actions directly into Eve Online.

See the video below for an in-depth overview of the type of work that MMOS and CCP Games envision being incorporated into Eve Online. The video was screened at the recent EVE Online Fanfest on March 20th, and features a message from the Internet Response League at the 40:36 minute mark!



1. “Tranquility Server Status”. Retrieved 4/12/2015.


IRL Plugin Demo

As the work on the Internet Response League Plugin continues, we’ve decided to record a video demo, showcasing some of the ideas that we’ve had in development. The video is below for you viewing pleasure.

Please note that this is still a work in progress.If you are interested in helping out, feel free to contact us at our email ( or join us at our Google Group (!forum/internet-response-league).

IRL Introductory Videos

We recently had the opportunity to create videos for a tech convention in Australia, named eResearch Australasia. The videos give a description of some of the ideas behind the Internet Response League, as well as a quick overview of how the humanitarian aid work would look like inside of a game.

We’ve uploaded the videos to youtube and posted them here for your viewing pleasure. Just as a note, the second video is simply a shorter version of the first, omitting much of the background info.

A quick update: The work over at the Internet Response League has been continuing at a good pace. We will have additional posts in the near future to showcase what has been done. If you are interested in helping, just head over to our Google Group:!forum/internet-response-league

See you there!